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Sunday, October 24, 2010

So Long Cable TV.

We got rid of cable! AND the DVR! The latter is a little more painful than cable. We realized some time ago that most of what we were watch in the fall/winter is on the basic cable channels.  We also realized that you can get all those shows on Hulu and the network's website. And I decided I was tired of paying Time Warner $112 a month for RoadRunner and cable. That is just insanity.

So Wednesday Brian went to return the cable box and magical things happened. He upgraded our internet speed to the next fastest level, and the awesome guys in the office searched for 10 minutes till they found us a promo code to save us money! I think we're down to $44 a month for the next two years. Can you believe how much money we're saving!? I highly recommend the switch.

In preparation for this major life change (btw it's kind of ridiculous that anything involving cable tv could be constituted as a major life change...but so it goes...) we got a new TV about two months ago. We needed to be able to plug my computer into the new TV to really make streaming Netflix or watching other shows worth it. Then we got an HD antennae, and the funny thing is that the picture looks better through the HD antennae than it did through the regular cable (which was not HD).

So far, it's a little weird going to flip through the DVR and realizing it doesn't exist, but other than that bit of panic that I'm missing things, I often forget that we even made the change. Oh, except about every hour when I want to know what time it is and realize we no longer have a cable box to tell us! Time to buy a clock for the living room.

I must say I'm also very happy to report that if you go to Time Warner in person, you get a COMPLETELY different experience (i.e. a good one) than you do when you call  and talk to some random person on the phone. I have never liked Time Warner, but Brian's new enthusiasm has me converted. Hope you all had lovely weekends!

P.S. When is it going to start feeling like fall??? I have no relevant pics from the weekend, so here's a nice one of me and Mary from the pumpkin patch last weekend. :)

We were the most enthused about picking pumpkins, and we're okay with that. 


  1. Grrr. I know it's my fault for moving, but it makes me unhappy that you guys still get to play and I live 13 hours away.

    Also, we don't have cable either, for exactly the same reasons. Between Netflix and Hulu, you really don't need it. I'm supportive!

  2. :(:( Makes me sad too Katie!! Also, there's canned pumpkin everywhere. Want me to stockpile some cans for you?

  3. Katie, it is all your fault. Let's just reconsider this life change.
    I like the idea of getting rid of cable in theory, but we don't have a tv that we can plug the computer into so it would very sad watching our shows on the little laptop screen! Maybe once we get a new tv we could do this.


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