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George Bernard Shaw

Thursday, October 31, 2013

8 Months

Little Man,

I am SO BEHIND on your monthly updates. I'm only doing this for the first year. Then it's just general awesomeness from then on. This is a lot of pressure buddy! At least I keep notes in my phone for each month so I know what the heck you did.

You just wanted to play. No tolerance for bear pics this month!

Goofy little kid.

So you got a big boy car seat this month. It's basically a small tank. You were so over the pumpkin seat, and had been for a really long time. You have been doing really well with it. Such a big kid. You did lick and smell both sides of your car seat when you first got in it. Which was really weird and funny.

You got your first two teeth (the bottoms!). Unfortunately you are not one of those babies who just wakes up one morning and magically has more teeth without making a peep. It was a little rough (why do they always break through overnight??) but you're doing much better with it now.

We took you to the zoo for probably the 4th time and you were FINALLY awake for it!! You saw at least 5 animals before you fell asleep. It might have been more but you wore your sunglasses and we couldn't see your eyes. It was adorable and tons of people stopped to look at you and comment on how adorable you were.

Too cool for school.
You've started giving hugs (at least they seem like hugs). Sometimes when we get you in the morning. A few times when your daddy has picked you up from Michelle's you've been so excited you've given him hugs. :) It's very adorable!!

You are also a mobile little man. You have started crawling. You are army crawling like a maniac. You are surprisingly fast at it!!

We had our first big parenting fail. I guess we should be happy it took us 8 months to have one. I was playing the piano for you and you were in the living room playing. All the sudden you started crying--I mean really crying. So I went over and you had the computer cord for daddy's computer wrapped around your hand. I thought maybe it was too tight and hurting you, but then noticed the end was all wet. And that it was still plugged into the wall. And you kept messing with your tongue. So I figured you'd put it in your mouth and gotten shocked. Whoops.... We looked it up later and apparently it's equivalent to licking a 9V battery.

You are starting to eat puffs finally and love them. It's nice to be able to give you something to snack on or keep you occupied.

You LOVE your blocks! It makes us very happy that you want to play all the time with a toy that doesn't have batteries and make noise. We hope that you want to play and use your imagination more than anything when you get bigger.

You laugh and smile and giggle all the time, but recently you've started scrunching up your nose and snorting when you think something is REALLY funny. It's pretty adorable, and of course always makes us laugh too.

And, because you're on the move, we had to get you a baby jail. You liked it at first, but now you're not so sure. But you're just so fast. And we need some place to stash you when we're trying to get everything together to get out the door in the morning.

You are so much fun little man!! We can't wait to see all the new fun things you're going to do in the next couple months.
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