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George Bernard Shaw

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My New Atlas 150

I know it sounds like I got a Harry Potter broom, but the Atlas 150 is, in fact, a pasta maker. :) My dad got it for me for my birthday. We spent a lovely hour or so at The Learning Kitchen while I picked out a pasta maker (took about 3 minutes to find it) and Dad made life-long friends with the women working there (took about 45 minutes) and copied recipes and got cooking tips on using a Dutch Oven (which he also bought). It was a lot of fun. Their shop has some of the neatest things in it. And their cooking classes are so  wonderful. That's how I learned how to make pasta in the first place! Here's a picture of my new beauty: 

The goal is to not buy pasta or ravioli again. I know that sounds insane. It worries me a bit myself. Because just over a year ago I decided we were no longer buying bread from the store. And I have not bought a loaf of bread since I made that decision. And that means sometimes we don't have bread for a week (or two...). But it also means we save a ton of money, and we're eating something so much tastier and better for you than anything you'd find in the store (my bread rises with yeast--what a novel idea!!). 

The problem with doing this for pasta is that we eat a LOT of pasta. It's cheap and easy. But the great thing is that you can freeze homemade pasta for 6 months. It's tastes delicious and cooks in 5 minutes or less once the water is boiling. So if I can take the time every couple months to have a pasta-making bonanza for an evening or afternoon, we should be set for awhile. :) The first pasta item I will be making (hopefully next week?) will be Chicken Noodle Soup made with my homemade organic chicken stock and homemade noodles. Cannot wait! Check out the right side--see how there's larger grooves for linguini noodles, and smaller grooves on the far right for spaghetti? 

What else should I make with this thing? Ravioli is a must. I'm thinking a butternut squash ravioli with some kind of brown sugar sauce. And I bet I could make some little apple tart type raviolis and fry them up for dessert with some kind of caramel sauce for dipping. Leave me suggestions if you think of any--I'm very excited!


  1. I love your blog. I've been thinking about buying a pasta maker forever, but now I can wait to hear your review before I decide whether or not it goes on the Christmas list!

    Also: You follow good blogs. You're a good internet friend!

  2. I will definitely come over and eat some ravioli ;-). My boss makes her own ravioli, and they are fantastic. I think she does pumpkin ones as well as the typical cheese.


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