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Friday, October 15, 2010

Our Wedding Photographer--Steph Carson

I've been meaning to share about our wedding photographer for some time. I get questions about our photos regularly. And we consider Steph our "life" photographer. We want her to document everything important that happens in ours lives--starting with our engagement photos a year and a half ago. 

Brian and I decided 3 things were super important for our wedding: an awesome live band, a great and beautiful location and an amazing photographer. We were SO LUCKY to find Steph Carson. It was like hanging out with a great friend all day. We had so much fun laughing and taking pictures and just experiencing our day and knowing we would be able to relive it when we got home from our honeymoon, and then for the rest of our lives. 

You have to pay money for great photography. If someone is just giving away their talents for free all the time...how good can they really be? I just feel like if you're good and you know you're worth it, then you charge the money your artistry is worth. (I have this issue when pricing my cards--I have to remember that I think my stuff is worth something, as well as the time I took to make them!) You can't skimp on this. You have this one day to get married--make sure it's documented to the best of your ability. What would you expect to get for $250? Probably not much right? Then why sell yourselves short and even consider that option? I discuss money because weddings are so budget-driven. Everything has a dollar value when you're planning a wedding. And it's easy to see bigger numbers and panic. The important things with your wedding photos is you have to think long term. 

Anyways, here is everything you need to know about Steph. She recently redesigned her brand. It looks just wonderful. Shows off her photos even better if that's possible--they stand so well on their own in any context. Her blog is a great place to get a feel for Steph. You get to see previews of what she's working on and keep up with her life vicariously through the blog. (This woman has some cool experiences--believe me it's not a boring read!) :) 

Her professional site has galleries you can get lost in for hours. You get a real sense of her style and what you can expect. [A good side note my friend Mary has mentioned before: you have to make sure the style you want matches what your photographer does. You won't be happy with modern or more edgy photos if you are really a more traditional person. And your photographer might not do their best work or enjoy THEIR day if you make them shoot in a style way outside their specialty.]

Something that is very exciting? Steph's work is at the Cincinnati Art Museum right now for an exhibit called "Wedded Perfection: Two Centuries of Wedding Gowns." Brian and I can't wait to check it out. 

And finally, here's two more of our favorite photos of Steph's from our wedding. :) You can find our whole gallery on her website. It's under "Megan and Brian" and well, you know our last name for the password. ;-) 

We're hoping to get some "just because" photos done soon with the kittehs. It's time the babies got the Steph treatment. :) See--Finny is so good at posing. He's ready for his closeup. ;-) 
Finny says it looks like he's got Viv in a choke hold, but it's really a "hug."


  1. Oh my God, the kitteh cuteness is killing me!!! (You and Brian aren't bad either ;-))

  2. Lol Val... I was not surprised to see that you had commented about the kitties ahhaaha.

  3. I think you *may* be the one person in contention to be as much of an obsessed furmom as I am!!! :-D Pumpkins for the cats and professional photos? You rock!

  4. Lol! Yes, I realize I probably look nuts. And the fact that I find nothing wrong with buying my cats EACH a pumpkin has probably sealed my fate as "obsessed." :)


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