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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Classical Comics

Two things happened that were interesting to me today, and somewhat related: 

1) I received a sample of a graphic novel of Jane Eyre that I recently reprinted. 
2) My friend Whitney tagged a bunch of us English nerds on Facebook on a list of 100 books that are "classics" or the BBC thinks people should have read if they're well-rounded individuals. It was actually really fun to me to see how many my friends had read (I was at 31 thank you very much). 

I'm playing with our camera...trying out some new settings!
Weird, huh? 
And here is an inside page of this thing.
This is the iconic scene where Rochester's wife tries on Jane's wedding dress in the middle of the night.
This book is really pretty hilarious, especially for someone who has read the book twice. That whole page is summed up in 8 "bubbles": 

"The same night, I woke up and saw a ghost wearing my wedding dress."
"I had never seen anything like it. I fainted."
"I know it did happen because I woke up and found my veil on the floor. It was torn in half."
"I needed to see Mr. Rochester."
"It was probably Grace Poole. I'll tell you why she lives here after we are married. Do you trust me, Jane?"
"I wanted to please him, and I was certainly relieved."
"The night before my wedding, I slept with Adele in her room. Adele was like a symbol of my past life." 

And there you have it. What more could you possibly need to know? I remember insisting I could read this book in 5th grade. Someone had said it was too advanced for me, so I was determined that I would finish it. I carried it and a dictionary around FOREVER till I had managed to muddle my way through it with a vague to fair understanding of what had happened. 

As far as point number two goes, I was feeling quite motivated to cross some books off my reading bucket list. And the thing is, I own many of the books on that list but have never read them! How crazy is that? I am a bit of a book collector. (Ahem...see below.) But I need to find time to actually read these great works of fiction. Good thing it's about that time of year where you just want to curl up under blankets and not move! 
I may have a problem...


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