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George Bernard Shaw

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Hate Winter

It's depressing. It makes my brain produce too much melatonin, causing me to wonder if it's time for bed at 7pm. You're always achingly cold or being precipitated on by achingly cold snow, sleet and freezing rain. My heart palpitates when I have to drive on the ice (Legitimately. I've ended up sideways on the highway two years in a row now...). There never seem to be enough hours in the day. And certainly not enough daylight hours. And what's even more torturous is the fact that I have seen that my mornings are brighter, earlier (very slightly)...but when can I get more daylight in the evening? In a show of solidarity for the warmer months and a hope for some springtime in the near future, here are some photos of TULIPS from our wedding. My most favorite flower, and the epitome of spring. 

All photos by the amazingly talented Steph Carson
My beautiful bouquet Mom made. 
Pretty drooping tulips over the tables--exactly how I'd pictured it.

I still haven't found the cake topper I bought! Tulips were the perfect backup. 

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  1. I second this! Good news? 40s and 50s next week!!! Woohoo!!!


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