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George Bernard Shaw

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Water for Elephants

So last week I said I was going to try and be more of a presence online this coming week. That didn't go so well. But here's my big excuse: I was reading an amazing book, Water for Elephants by Sarah Gruen. One of the most amazing books I've ever read. 

I had seen this and walked past it so many times before...
When I got to the end and I saw where it was going and how it tied into the opening scene of the book I was literally bouncing up and down I was so thrilled. It was brilliant and clever and as an avid, vigorous reader I appreciated what she did so very, very much. I stayed up till after 11 finishing it in the middle of last week (I'm in bed by 10, religiously, every night, so after 11 is a big deal). And then I felt like I often do after I've finished a wonderful book that I'll remember forever--very, very sad and lost. I hadn't intended to finish it that evening. I had intended to work on my blog! But that's what good books do. They suck you in till you find yourself canceling plans and getting yelled at for reading in the middle of class and shirking any other responsibilities you had going. 

The funny thing is the day after I finished this I heard it's being made into a movie! I must be way, way behind the times because the movie comes out this April, which means it's been in filming/production/the news for probably a year. And what's even more hilarious is that Robert Pattinson (from Twilight) is the lead male role. So you really would have thought I'd have been aware of it. Here's the trailer: 

I'm torn about the trailer. I think Pattinson talks weird. I know he's putting on the American accent, and when he's a vampire I figure he's working around modified teeth, etc. But he's playing a young Jewish kid from a middle class working family...what's the excuse this time around? However, I will be at that movie (hopefully on opening night) and I hope hope hope it meets my expectations. Movie/book combinations are such a tricky thing to navigate. And every time I've read the books first and watched the movies second (with the exception of Harry Potter) I've been disappointed.

I love the 20s era. I love how ALL OUT it appears this movie went to be true to the period and the circus life. And I think it's going to be just as beautiful and heartbreaking as the book was. I was at Barnes and Noble (sorry small bookstore friends!!) and started to reach for this book just to read the back since I've heard it was wonderful for so long, and the girl next to me blurted out, "That is an amazing book. You have to read it" before I even had my hand on it. So I said, "Well, I guess I'm getting this one!" Let me give you just as strong a recommendation if you've been putting off reading it or finishing it or buying it-- READ THIS BOOK. It is utterly spectacular. And you can borrow it from me if you want. ;-) 

"Life is the most spectacular show on Earth." --Water for Elephants


  1. This is in my book queue for sure. And yes, I agree with you on his accent, but that doesn't matter. BECAUSE HE'S HOT. And that's what life is REALLY about, right?

    I've actually just started a fantasy series and it is AMAZING. I just found out that it's an HBO series launching in April. It's called A Game Of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. Each chapter is told from the perspective of a different character in the book. There are a lot of characters and the plot is pretty complex, so it's really fun to read. Each character has their own motives and each has an effect on twisting the plot. And even though it's fantasy, there really isn't any magic - it's much more grounded, so it's easier to visualize.

  2. I'm so glad you liked it! It's always a teeny bit heartbreaking when a good friend doesn't like a book that you loved, isn't it?

    I recently read (in addition to all my Spanish-y novels, of course) The Hunger Games trilogy. I think it's officially for young adults, but I stayed up all night reading each one of them. They're just good, quick, compelling reads.

    Oh! And Megs, you would love The Thirteenth Tale.

  3. I've read the Thirteenth Tale! I couldn't get into it and then one day picked it up and just couldn't put it down! Claire has been telling me to read the Hunger Games forever and I keep forgetting (I will do so no more!)

    Rosie, he IS hot. So I won't care that his hair isn't red, and that he'll talk strangely a lot. I've been telling Brian for weeks I wish I could find a new fantasy series to read that wasn't written for 5 year olds. That one sounds like just what I need!!

    I love my English friends. :)


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