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George Bernard Shaw

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dream Room

So we did major cleaning this past weekend, and as I was using approximately 25 lint roller sheets to clean cat hair off the couch (that is not a joke or exaggeration), and a million paper towels to windex the glass top end tables and coffee table (that is an exaggeration) I got to thinking about what our next living room furniture will be like. Our grown up living room furniture. 

I hope it's this room!! 
We currently have everything from IKEA. Practically our entire place is from IKEA, every room. We love that place. It's perfect for what we need right now. It's functional and cheap and holds up really well. The problem is that some of the fabrics (like all the ones we purchased) just collect cat hair like crazy (and the fabric is black--a never again for sure!!). Plus, all the tables in the living room have glass tops.  I will NEVER have glass-top tables again either. Wow are those a pain to keep up with. You see every smudge. And when the glass part is inlaid into the top and can be removed, stuff gets stuck down under the top too. 

These are all things you find out from trial and error. I'm glad we tested it all out on IKEA furniture before investing in the room above that I love from Pottery Barn. Soft, big cushions are also a must. And I would say no shelves on the coffee table because they get dusty so fast, but the one above (and below!) is beautiful. 

Perfect height! (via)
Here's a lovely alternative without a shelf. (via)
What really intrigues me about this room is the little side table. 

Holds almost everything you need! (via)
I say almost because there isn't really room for a lamp. And I think it would probably ruin the quaintness of it anyway. I'm not sure what kind of lamp you'd put with this actually. Perhaps another big arm lamp like the one on the left arm of the sofa in the first picture? 

I think couches that go all the way to the floor make rooms look a little heavier. So I liked this one below a bit better with its open legs. 

It's also think it's a bit more modern but still plenty of fluffy pillows! (via)
And there you have it--what a cozy little room! Someday. :) 


  1. I REALLY wish that my coffee table had shelves, and then I could baskets on the shelves to store remotes, hand lotion, books, etc. but it would all still be out of site. Drawers would work as well, obviously, but I like that baskets add another texture and hide things so, so well. Right now there is no storage except on the top surface and we have 4 remotes for our tv, plus random pens, and whatever book we're reading at the time, which all get thrown on top. It's my number 1 living room pet peeve!

  2. Mary, you bring up an excellent point!! I think I would like mine a little better if I had baskets instead of glass shelves. Maybe that's the missing key! :)


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