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George Bernard Shaw

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Craft Show

Hi everyone. It's been a long weekend! Tabby passed away at noon on Friday. It was, without a question, her time. But it was incredibly difficult. It felt like I cried for two days straight. And then I took a long nap after I got home from bringing her home to dad's. And I felt a little better when I woke up. And then I felt a little better Saturday night. And today, for the most part, I can talk about her and the whole vet experience at length without tearing up really. So thank you for all your kind thoughts and messages and texts. They have really helped! 

My super exciting news is that I got a spot in the Milford Craft Show! I emailed to get on the wait list soon after I started my business, and was told that the wait list was full and to try again next year. So I was bummed but learned quickly that registration for all the winter craft shows are due in the summer. (Who knew!!!) So I figured I'd have to wait a whole year to get in on any of that which was really disappointing because I feel like I really need some sort of mental pick-me-up about the business right now. And then maybe a week ago I got an email saying there was a spot open! And I jumped on it. 

A bunch of cards lined up to dry!! I'm about 2/3 of the way through with the ones I've started so far. So maybe 80-90 cards finished already? Soooo many more to go. 
The craft show is next Saturday, December 4th from 9am-3:30pm. This short notice has given me very little time to prepare for my very first show and I have so much to do! I ordered new (full-size!) business cards, a sign with my logo on it, a table skirt that matches the plum color in my logo, lots of new supplies to make a bajillion cards. And now I have to make an insane amount of product to potentially sell. I'm fairly certain I will not be breaking even on this first adventure because of all the investing I have to do to get my booth/display ready. But that's perfectly fine by me. I am so so so excited about seeing how my cards do to a massive audience. I'm going to have the most of holiday cards, then lots of kid quote cards, and finally my Bible verse cards. I'm thinking of getting some letter stationary made as well. And I'm hoping to have several sets of teacher cards (there are 30 mini-cards in each set!) finished as well. 

Oh, and just for fun I picked up another proofread from F+W that's due next Tuesday and we're hosting our first Thanksgiving next Thursday... sometimes I seriously wonder how I actually live my life and get it all done. It's absolute insanity. But I'm not even freaking out. When I think about the next two weeks I can't do anything but laugh. Because it's such ridiculousness that nobody in their right mind would do that to themself on purpose! Except me apparently. But I'm excited for the challenge. And Brian will be out of town this weekend so I'll have plenty of time to work on cards in peace without distraction. :) 

And tomorrow I have to just let myself relax, as scary as that sounds. My mom got Brian tickets to see Music Man for his birthday, and a PF Changs gift card! So dinner and a show for us tomorrow night which will be much needed. 

Also, totally unrelated, but we have two tickets to the Rusty Ball, which is this Saturday. Brian is now going to be out of town so we're trying to sell them. They're worth $60 each, we'll give them to you for $50 each. Each ticket includes 4 drinks (beer, wine, pop, water) and the Rusty Griswolds will be performing all night. It should be so so so much fun. So contact me ASAP if you're interested in those. 

Hope you all are having a great week so far. 

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