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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Labor Day Getaway!

This weekend (one of the last free till the end of band season in November) we're headed to Red River Gorge for the first time! I found an awesome B+B on a 300 acre property/organic farm. I am so excited for this relaxing trip with my lovely husband. We're taking our camera and a huge book about how to actually use it and we're going to become GOOD at something other than the auto setting. :) Here's some pics of Snug Hollow Farm:

Rocking chairs on a porch are definitely in our future.

I believe we'll be eating dinner here in the main farmhouse.

Beautiful!! 300 acres to hike and wander through.

Our wedding photographer, Steph Carson, now lives in Red River Gorge. We had originally hoped to get some updated photos of the two of us taken over the weekend. The last time we had professionals done was our wedding, when my hair was like a pixie! But she's ironically going to be shooting weddings in Cincy so it just wasn't meant to be this time.

One thing I'm really excited about is the fact that Barbara, the owner of Snug Hollow, is a wonderful cook and even has her own cookbook! She also cooks all vegetarian. I cannot wait to have some awesome, professionally prepared veggie food all weekend. Here's an excerpt from reviews/her book:

Cooking is my passion and even though I am an amateur, my time in the kitchen is a calling. Cooking is not a chore here but a daily meditation. The planning, preparation and sharing of vegetarian meals are joys for me and gifts to our guests. At Snug Hollow, the sunny kitchen is the engine room of the house. Bread is baked daily; soups simmer on the stove and the pies in the oven fill the house with a fragrant promise of what’s to come. Hearty breakfasts, lunches and elegant dinners are lovingly prepared and make their way to the table...another memorable meal! I’m not sure if I was born to cook, but I sure have a love of preparing food my way. Since becoming a vegetarian 32 years ago I have searched for creative ways to cook and prepare delicious meals. My preference is to serve up old favorites with as little alteration as possible. Stuffed green peppers, pot pies, bean soup, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese or even a good cheesy pizza are my favorites. 

Yeah I think that'll work. :) 

We don't really have many specific plans for the weekend. We are going to be near Berea, which is a great arts and crafts town. We'll obviously be near the gorge which we've never seen. And then there will be a 300 acre farm at our disposal too!! 

We're hoping this will be the next location for our upcoming Mothers and Daughters Gone Wild trip of 2012 (see here for some details on the previous trip).

I'll report back next week with hopefully some amazing photos from the weekend. Have a safe Labor Day and for heaven's sakes, do some relaxing!!  

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