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George Bernard Shaw

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Red River Gorge (or not)

So when we went to Snug Hollow Farm last weekend (here and here), I believe I found it in the first place because I was looking for a place nearish Red River Gorge. Our wedding photographer lives there now and I was thinking that maybe we'd get some new photos taken or something. Didn't pan out that way (and financially that was all for the better!!), but neither of us has ever been to the gorge so I figured we should at least stop by and make an appearance.

Technically "there".

The problem is we waited till Sunday on our way home because Saturday was too busy with moving from rocking chair to rocking chair with a book in between naps. :)

By the time we were on the way home the weather was crummy and we were tired and also needed to get back in time for our annual Labor Day fireworks hangout with our friends Jonathan and Larry. And it turns out you really don't get to see anything "cool" at the gorge unless you're willing to HIKE to it! What a bummer.

So we drove around it for probably an hour. I'd say we gave it the old college try. But then we were pretty much over it and turned around to really head home.

Some rocks.

One of the highlights of my Red River Gorge "experience."

And then finally we did experience something cool that scared the daylights out of me: Nada Tunnel. It's cut through the side of the mountain. One way through. Pitch black and just enough room for your car on top and the sides. It was CREEPY. I made Brian close the sunroof.

The entrance to Nada Tunnel. 

Wanna know how lazy we are? This photo was actually taken out the sunroof--while I was still sitting in the car. Ahhhh vacation....

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