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George Bernard Shaw

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mothers and Daughters Gone Wild Part 2

Our next trip is officially booked!! I am so excited. And even doubly excited because we're staying at Snug Hollow Farm, the same place Brian and I stayed over Labor Day weekend. (See here and here)

In my first post I pointed out a little cabin that I thought we'd be staying in for this upcoming trip. Turns out, forgetting to book the place for a couple weeks means other people snatch it up! But THANK GOODNESS the other cabin was still available. And, coincidentally, it's the only one I got good pictures of! So, family, here's a little preview of where we'll be staying.

Huge porch (it wraps around) complete with swing and rocking chairs. 

One view of the little kitchen area.

Plenty of room for our crockpot extravaganza on Saturday night!

A little reading corner

And the view from the reading corner window. :) 

Now I'm not gonna lie--I think the other cabin definitely has more space somehow. And the sleeping arrangements will be a lot more "cozy" (I will be bringing an air mattress!). But it's going to be great!!

Time to start designing our shirt for this trip. :) The last one was quite a hit:

We all look fabulous in pink!

How funny is that?! I love that Granny is zero because she started us all :)

 On another note--look how long my hair is!! It'll probably be that long on the next trip too. Funny how there will be 6 (!!) years between trips, my hair has been SHORT for 90% of the time in between them but long for both excursions. I think that little tid bit is interesting at least. It's a bummer we have to wait until next spring to go. I'm ready NOW!

It feels good to write again! I've been kicking Mary Kay into high gear and that leaves with time to do just about nothing as far as blogging and free time. I guess Mary Kay is probably owed post on here sometime soon! :)

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