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George Bernard Shaw

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Snug Hollow: It's The Little Things

In my previous post on Snug Hollow I mentioned that there were tons of little details that made the place truly special. So I wanted to dedicate an entire post to them!

I've always wanted to own a B+B. It's one of those grandiose ideas that my entrepreneurial spirit just can't put to rest. And this weekend did nothing to discourage me, that's for sure! If anything it's made me want to start a little B+B fund after we have a house so that I can realize my dream after the kids are gone.

I love to cook. I love to serve other people. I love to make people feel welcome and at home. I honestly can't wait to have a legit second bedroom because I have an awesome idea of how to design it as a guest bedroom and make people feel super welcome.

And Barbara did all this in more, the second we walked through the door.

For example, this is what you see when you walk through the front door:

Swoon! I feel like everything here has been carefully chosen
to be familiar and make you feel at home immediately.

There were fresh flowers next to our bed, as well as several other places throughout the house. Always in unexpected little places, just in case someone happened to be spending time in that space.

On the tables on the porch where we ate.

On books in the library upstairs.

There were little things that seemed so artistic to me, but were probably just little things collected over time. OR, maybe that's the pure genius of Barbara--everything seems natural but is perhaps carefully chosen? :)

Behind my "morning" rocking chair. I also had a "sunroom" rocking
chair and a back porch swing that I rotated with.

In a kitchen window.

On a ledge in the screened-in porch.

Another lovely touch of Snug Hollow is Hillary:

A little Jane Russell Terrier! She was hilarious. So tiny!!
She and Brian were best buds by the end!

And now, what is, in my opinion, the Crown Jewel of Snug Hollow: The Pearl Room.

Click to make it bigger. So much to see.

The bed is in the middle of the room (BRILLIANT idea). There is so much light and sunshine in this room. High ceilings. Little antique, whimsical pieces of furniture. And a lovely covered porch across the entire back of the room that is accessible to only you! :) Our room was so nice and cozy, but I'm excited for a special stay in this room some day.

Are you sold YET? How many more wonderful things do I need to tell you about this place? Oh yeah, almost forgot: 

No cell phone service. 
No internet. 
No TV.
No central air (but she does have window units for the bedrooms now).
No central heat (a wood-burning stove does the trick in winter).
Water supplied by a deep spring that's abundant when it rains, and worrisome when it's droughty. 

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