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Monday, August 1, 2011

Indy Weekend Extravaganza

This past weekend was amazing. I relaxed. As in literally, for the first time in a LONG, long time, I had nothing that had to be done. Nowhere I had to go. I visited Nicki, who recently moved to Indy, at her new place. And we determined this was the first girls sleepover weekend we've had since the 8th grade. I can tell you, adult sleepovers are much more fun than as 8th graders. They include Parsons Rum Surprises!!

The "surprise," for me personally, is the fact that there are TWO shots of rum in these things!

So we started the weekend with a tour of the decorated apartment (I was only there for move-in and the very beginning of the IKEA furniture building marathon months ago). And then Rum Surprises and snacks while we waited for a cab to take us to a really cool area near Butler University called Broad Ripple. 

Yes, that is a hummus wheel of awesomeness. 

We then went to dinner at a place called Brugge in Broad Ripple. Their claim to fame is a huge cone of fries with 12 dipping sauces and a beer that will knock you over after two (we've been warned to never have three). (I've linked you to the menu. I didn't understand half of it but it all sounded good!) And we were so excited about our fries that we forgot to take pictures. AND, we only got the large size that comes with 3 dipping sauces so it wouldn't have been that impressive. So take my word for it: fries were excellent and the sauces were epic. And next time we're getting all 12!

On Saturday we went to the pool and I got to lay out for the first time this summer!! We were only out for about an hour and a half but I did get a little color and it was hilarious to watch all the single residents take up posts at the pool watching one another. Literally every person that came to the pool area brought their own rolling cooler of beer with them. Hilarious. 

I'm actually at the pool!!!!! Laying out!!!!!!

After lunch at Nicki's we decided on a plan of action for the day: shopping at a little boutique called Pitaya (it's like Fig Leaf for all you Oxford folks), a drive through Butler's campus, ice cream, kitten shopping and then to the store for supplies for making dinner. Then drinks and hanging out for the rest of the evening. So here's how we did: 

Ready to leave for our Indy day!!!

Fun hat from Pitaya!!

Hilarious sign on the way to campus.

Someone explain the above to me. Do you have to RENT your grave for ever and ever? That's certainly what it sounds like. There's no overall cost as if $29.99 is a payment plan. It clearly says per month. 

Frozen yogurt from Huddles. 

This was really delicious. You pick your yogurt from the wall (and you can have as many taste tests as you need...I legitimately needed a lot) and then YOU put all your toppings on. They weigh your cup at the end and that's how much you pay! I got a swirl of cake batter and red velvet cake yogurt. Toppings: strawberries, yogurt chips, raspberries, blueberries and pieces of cheesecake. 

And now the most exciting part: 


This cute little guy popped out from under the blanket when we knelt down! There were three crazy orange tabbies wrestling each other and he had been hiding under the blanket in the middle of the cage. Nicki decided she wanted to hold him first. 

Hi Lady. Are you my new mom? 
And the moral of the story is, an hour and a half later Tucker was the newest member of the Parsons family!!! And needless to say our making dinner plans went a little awry. Who can cook when there's an adorable kitten to play with!!

I'm watching you human!!

He is such a little lover! He wants to snuggle constantly. And if he's not in snuggle mode he's running around like a maniac and playing with toys. And because he's such a little baby still he takes naps often, in the middle of whatever he was doing. 

Nice posing Tucker!!

We were slightly concerned about how he would be the first night, but it was perfect! I woke up a couple times and he was curled up around Nicki's head on her pillow. Absolutely adorable. And at one point, this was some epic snuggling he created: 

It did become one of those situations where you have to pretend to be asleep at some point. We needed more sleep!!!

Once we were finally able to drag ourselves out of bed Sunday morning, we went to breakfast/brunch at a really awesome place that reminded me very much of First Watch: Le Peep. How cute is that?! Check out the menu. You'll be starving. I had a skillet thing of potatoes, onion, bacon, avocado, Wisconsin white cheddar cheese and two eggs over easy on top. And the granola pancakes I was told were amazing so I got a blueberry one to try. WOW. Best pancake of my life. Be jealous: 

PERFECT eggs over easy. 

The butter in the middle = real and fluffy and amazing.

After brunch I got ready to head towards home. Brian's band camp parent preview was Sunday afternoon and the timing of everything just worked out so well! Such a much-needed weekend with a lovely host and wonderful friend. I cannot wait to go back!!!!


  1. There is a frozen yogurt place like that in Kenwood, near the new theater, called Orange Leaf. It is wonderful!

  2. I saw that from the road but didn't realize what it was--how exciting!!!!!


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