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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kitchen Gadgets I NEED

Sometimes when I'm cooking (which is often) I realize that if I had X, Y or Z my life would be a lot easier and preparing meals would go a lot more quickly. So here is a list of gadgets I'm on the lookout for, aka "a list of things I should have registered for when we got married."

Immersion Blender
My friend Katie has one of these things and loves it. And I never knew what it was till her blog post about losing it in the move and needing a new one, etc. Now it seems like something that would just be so useful! The nifty thing about these guys is that they allow you to blend (and chop, which hand mixers do not) right in the container food is being prepared in. You don't have to put things in a specific container to chop or mix. You can put it right in a pan on the stove! 

Here's a link to KitchenAid's version. It's of course fancy. 

Food Mill
So far, the only time I've wanted one of these is when making applesauce. And I'm not sure what else you really would use it for. It separates seeds, stems, skins, larger chunks etc. All the bits that you don't want from a food product that you're taking from whole to pureed or mashed. I suppose once I have a gas stove again and am able to start canning I'll be using this to make tomato sauce (not pasta sauce, the base for pasta sauce) and tomato paste, etc. 

A pretty version from Williams-Sonoma.

Now that we're eating healthier this seems like something that would be handy to have around. I don't know if I would really start drinking glasses of pureed vegetables. But one of my favorite things about our honeymoon in Mexico was the watermelon water. It was SO GOOD. And I'm fairly confident I could make it with this! Or at least juice some limes to make tasty margaritas. I suppose that's reason enough in itself! 


So, what fancy things do you know of that I need to add to my list? 

P.S. Up tomorrow-- a recap of my amazing weekend in Indy!!! So relaxing. Wonderful time. 

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