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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Superhero Granny

Someone posted this on Facebook today and it pretty much made my afternoon. 

Amazing. I recommend enlarging this.

My Modern Met blog explains the back story on this photo shoot: 

A few years ago, French photographer Sacha Goldberger found his 91-year-old Hungarian grandmother Frederika feeling lonely and depressed. To cheer her up, he suggested that they shoot a series of outrageous photographs in unusual costumes, poses, and locations. Grandma reluctantly agreed, but once they got rolling, she couldn't stop smiling.

So basically this photo shoot and the realization that her life story (which you can read more of on the blog) was inspiring to others and had a purpose knocked her out of her mental funk. Here's another:

This one made me literally laugh out loud.

And then I got to this one and realized--THIS IS MY GRANDMA!!! 

Not LITERALLY my grandma.
LITERALLY my grandma. 

I hope she doesn't kill me for putting this on the internet. This was taken a few years ago on our "Mothers and Daughters Gone Wild" trip to Amish Country in PA. (Read more of the backstory and about the ladies in the family here.) And this is why I think my grandma would totally do a photo shoot like a superhero. :) 

Love this one too.
I love these pictures because of how happy Granny is. And trust me, we were all laughing this hard. And it really did turn into Granny's little photo shoot because after we realized what she was doing everyone grabbed the cameras. (And for the record, my instructions to Granny to get a photo of just her were "Pose, Granny!" She did this all on her own!)

My grandma cracks me up. She says pretty much whatever she wants whenever she feels like it. And every once in awhile she'll throw out a zinger that makes us howl with laughter till we're crying. And, to hopefully make up for posting these, here's my favorite photo with Granny to date, from our wedding.

P.S. My Modern Metropolis did a follow up post on another photo shoot the photographer did with his grandma after the popularity of the Superhero one! It's definitely more melancholy and reflective in tone. But still beautiful photos and a beautiful grandma.

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