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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our Office: Worthy of a Magazine

While Brian was still on tour I started a massive undertaking of cleaning the house pretty much top to bottom. The final room was the office. It hasn't been cleaned top to bottom in recent memory. Pretty gross. We used to spend a lot of time in there when I was making cards and the weather was bad. And then it became a disaster. 

The interesting thing about the office is that it is also our closet. We live in an old house and it has those little bitty "closets" that aren't good for anything but shoes (and a litterbox in our case). [Also, if anyone else likes history, here's why there's no closets in old houses: people used to be taxed on how many rooms they had/size of the rooms, etc. Closets counted!! That's why they had so many dressers [with locks] to store all their things in instead. Brilliant.] We went to IKEA and had a LOT of fun. And then during my cleaning spree I went to IKEA again and had even more fun. :) 

So I'll show you the closet portion of it for now, perhaps the desk parts later. (I'm tired and cranky and it's time for bed!!!)

Yay organization!!!!!
There are places for my shoes, odds and ends of office stuff, magazines, tshirts, winter clothes, sweaters, etc. And one of the huge boxes on the top right is even completely EMPTY! 

This thing is floor to ceiling. We're not messing around.
If clothes are going to be out they have to be in proper rainbow order!!
New shoe cubbies for my most favorite work shoes so I can get ready all in one place!
One of the best parts about this project: busting out the label maker. Love that thing.
There you have it. It still looks exactly like this and I plan to keep it that way! 

P.S. All those boxes came flat and you assemble them (duh...from IKEA) kind of like pizza boxes. I highly enjoyed it. Plus, they were REALLY cheap. 

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