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George Bernard Shaw

Monday, August 29, 2011

Granny and Me: Twins??

Click on the photo to really get a good look at Granny's photo.

In the photo on the left is a picture of my Granny when she was about 16. On the right is me at 16. I had dyed my hair "Peruvian Fire" on a whim with Emily's help one night. Once it toned down to this dark auburn it was quite awesome. (Though I did like it even when it was still VERY Peruvian Fire.)

I think we look almost identical. We have the same nose and lips for sure. I've been looking for this photo EVERYWHERE (as well as that original of Granny. We can't find it anywhere!). I was getting some things out of Mom's garage and found a taped-shut shoe box. Inside were tons of photos from high school and many older than that.

It was pretty awesome sifting through all the photos and a whole stack of cards from my 16th birthday. Especially after spending this past weekend with so many people in those photos at Claire's wedding. TONS of band photos. We all look so little!!! And then BAM! Out of nowhere, one copy of this.

The irony of the whole thing is that Granny doesn't think we look alike at all. I think she's crazy!! :)

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