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Monday, August 22, 2011

A Registry...from Everywhere at Once!!

This is one of the coolest ideas I've ever seen. MyRegistry.com is a site that will pull registry information from anywhere. And I mean anywhere. You can even register for things on Etsy!!! So say I wanted this as a mobile in our future childrens' nursery (not that I would ever be neurotic enough to plan our future children's nurseries..........), from one of my favorite Etsy stores:


I can do that! You put a little thing on your toolbar that allows you to add anything from any website you're on. It took about 2 seconds to add it to the toolbar.

See it in the top right?

You can tastefully register for cash/giftcards. You can get set up for thank-you card reminders. They also have an app for iPhones that has a barcode scanner. This means that if you're out and about you can scan something that you like, no matter where it's from, and get it added to your registry. If you already have a registry somewhere you can import it into this site and keep it all in one place.

And this isn't just for weddings and babies. Many non-profits use this site as a way to organize what kind of donations they need to keep the organization going. 

I think that this site would also allow you to create a registry with the best prices available on the products you want. The site has a lot of partners already with big companies such as Target, Crate + Barrel, Williams-Sonoma. And they also have sample registry lists if you're stuck. 

I love the thought of being able to register in "one" place, even though your products might be coming from 20 different stores. And some people might not be able to register for the things they really want or need because they don't like a particular store (I'm not a fan of Target's return policies, for example...). Or wouldn't want to give friends and family 20 different partial registries to sort through to find products. 

What do you think? Would you actually use it? I wish this had been around before we got married!!!

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