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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Family Parade Float Part 2

It's the post you've all been waiting for! An update on the family parade float for the 2010 Mentor Christmas Parade. :)  If you missed part 1, read here first. 

Check it out! One whole side done. Pretty impressive if you ask me. 
This time we set up in Granny's basement. It was SO COLD out and even our Fort. Knox double tarps couldn't keep us warm in the garage. 

We had to beef up security after the competition kept driving by trying to peek!
We strung up the chicken wire across the basement and began stuffing indoors. 
This was also crunch time for more of the creative projects that are going into our float: 

Aunt Kathy painted the "Moore" sign to go on the knocked-over mailbox. (That's the family/maiden name of the family)
Aunt Cherry made the sign that's going to be on the back of the float. It says "Merry Christmas from the Moores." 
I came up with the idea of spraying the tissue paper with glitter! I thought it would look more like snow if it was sparkling under the lights. 

It was surprisingly hard for me to get a good picture of the glitter. Back to the fancy camera manual. 
I also ended up under the trailer spraying adhesive onto the back of the chicken wire/napkins. I only thought I was going to pass out once. And I'm fairly certain I only hallucinated twice while being stuck in the enclosed garage with all those fumes. Other than that it was a major unfolding napkins day. Peggy, Kimberly, Mom, Dale, and even Granny joined in the fun. I'm curious to see what the final count of napkins will be. We're over 3,000 at this point for sure. (And we're only a little over halfway done!!)

There's my lovely momma stuffing napkins into chicken wire.
Dale the elf shelf unfolding napkins above the fireplace.

Granny couldn't use the excuse of cleaning up the kitchen any longer--she, too, was recruited for napkin duty. 
So this Saturday, Dec. 11th at 4 p.m. in Mentor, KY is the parade. You are all welcome to attend and cheer on our winning float. When you enter Mentor don't blink! You'll miss it and have to turn around to come back. 

Check out the finale of the parade float saga here

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