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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Deer Season 2010

**Warning! Somewhat graphic photos are in this post!**

Remember how excited I was to go hunting this year? It unfortunately didn't happen. :( I got the email about the craft show, which would have been on the same day I went hunting, about a month ago. I considered taking a vacation day during the week to go (which actually would have been better because the earlier in the week the less the deer have been shot at. They're less jumpy!). But then I found out my job was being outsourced. And we can cash out all our vacation as part of the severance package. And then I realized I need new hunting gloves, new hunting socks, and the license and tags of course. The expense of it all just seemed a little much this year. (So instead I invested a ton of money in my craft show booth?! hahah...I love the way I rationalize things in my brain.) This year I had to be happy with just one day of butchering, my traditional day after Thanksgiving trip to cut.  

Yay! I'm in my happy place! 

Hard at work. 
Going to the farm is probably one of my most favorite things in life. I love the work. I love that it's often hard work. I like when there's calves to feed and pigs to watch and lots of things happening. We just talk and cut and talk and cut and it's very methodical and therapeutic and relaxing. Take the fat off the meat and the meat off the bone. Easy as that (for the most part... ;-). And I won't lie--I love being able to do something that a lot of hunters can't! Yes I wear a lot of pink when I'm hunting or at the farm, but I am a good worker and I know what I'm doing. So if I ever feel like someone's wondering what this little blonde lady is doing with their deer I just remember that I'M cutting up THEIR deer because they can't! 

This year, because it was so cold, we set up in the garage with the door shut, right next to their wood-burning furnace. We're usually in the meat house. 

Working in the meat house last year. It was much warmer last year!!

There is about 3 times this stacked up in the garage for the furnace next to where we were working--and they'll go through way way more than all that through the winter! That furnace can get their house to 75 in no time at all! It's insane. 

Uncle John cutting at the island in the basement kitchen. 

Brian really liked this telephone. I think he said "It actually works!?" several times. 

I'm talking to my dad in the background about how hosting Thanksgiving went. :)

One of the fun things this year was getting to know my aunt and uncle's new dog, Patches. She was such a sweetheart. A tiny little thing but really spunky.

Brian liked to pretend like she was attacking him when she was just playing. 

What a goofy little pup. 
When we got home I just dropped my camo on the floor. And in no time at all our little kids thought it was the greatest thing ever. Vivienne just disappeared!!

I've put all my camo and my fleece hunting vest on the floor by the bed and she's made a nest for her and Finny out of it. I'm all for it because if she's on the floor sleeping she's not eating my hair in the middle of the night!
So no hunting this year, but honestly the first Saturday in December was the first snow (for the second time in three years in case anyone else didn't catch that) and I would have been sitting out in that for hours. And then I'd be sick, etc. Next year the plan is to hunt on the farm a week or two earlier when the weather is much warmer. And then I can just take my deer up the hill and cut it up. :) I WILL be getting a deer next year!!! :)


  1. Who shot the deer? I bow hunt and use a muzzle load gun to hunt!... This is the best part of the "hunt" ...cutting it into steaks and roast, chops...YUM!

  2. I'm not sure John! An acquaintance of my aunt and uncle most likely. (Though many times they get referred to people that they don't know, too). I agree! It's such a work of art. We also make geotta, breakfast sausage and bologna (which I like to make into cream cheese roll ups)--so much good food!!!


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