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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Congrats to Brian!!

It has been a whole week since my last post! I blame the holidays. :) I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and relaxation time away from your jobs and school. 

Brian received some big news the week before Christmas, news he's been waiting to hear for a couple months now: He made it on staff with Blue Stars for the summer!!!

Some of you are reading that and thinking, "Wow! That's amazing Brian! Way to go!" The rest of you are thinking, "What's Blue Stars? And what do you mean by 'staff'?" 

Blue Stars are a Drum Corps (a "professional" marching band if you will), and in the top 8 (Elite 8? Or is it too early for college basketball references?) of all the corps in the activity. Brian will be teaching the baritones (that's a brass instrument. It's big and heavy) all summer as they tour the country. When I say all summer, I mean that he'll be leaving for Blue Stars camp when high school lets out at the beginning of June, will come back for his own away band camp in mid-July and then will go back on tour till the season ends towards the end of August. All summer. 

***I'd like to take this opportunity to bring up two important points!***

Point #1: This summer, if you would like to hang out, have sleepovers, talk to me on the phone, invite me to your home, etc. etc. I ACCEPT!!! Right now, in advance. This is going to be a challenging, crazy, quiet, very alone summer. I think it'll be good for me. I think it will be a growing and learning experience for Brian and I. But when it comes down to it, it's just going to be plain old hard. 

Point #2: You may have noticed that I just let the world know I'll be by myself for most of the summer. So for any moronic creeps out there thinking it would be a great time to rob the house or attempt harm to me or my fur children, here's what I have to say to you: 

This is me. And this is my shotgun. It lives next to my bed. Do you know what I use as a coaster for my water glass on the bedside table? A box of deer slugs. See the smile on my face? That is how much I love my gun. I've taken a concealed carry course. Trust me: I know what to do to defend myself while incurring absolutely no legal repercussions. 

Need any more deterrents? Check out my sweet knife skills. One of those lives next to my bed, too. Okay one more? A solid miniature Louisville Slugger bat. (I've listed my weapons in order of most lethal.)

Well, now that that's out of the way, I found some really great videos on YouTube when I was searching for examples of the Blue Stars to show those of you who still have no idea what I'm talking about. The Blue Stars are out of La Crosse, Wisconsin, and man do those people love the Blue Stars. They make these promotional packages every year when the Blue Stars come back to town to rehearse. They're very well done! It gives you a sense of the corps and the activity in general. These first two are a couple years old, so please excuse the old ugly uniforms. 

One of these also has a really horrific drumline feature. Please excuse it as it's early in the season and the news people putting together these packages have no idea what they're listening to (i.e. that was embarrassing don't feature it on the news and then put it on YouTube!)

**Also, a funny note, especially for any Milford band grads out there. Our very own Brian Kraft is in that first video! Wearing a Bengals jersey, told the corps they sucked at something and to do it again. Cracks me up. :)**

These last two videos are packages from the 2010 (last season) corps. You can see how much improvement they've made in just a few short years from the first videos up to the present. I'm so proud of Brian and so excited for him to be a part of a wonderful group of young people and staff!

I'm personally very excited because I plan to go to camps and on tour for at least a week this summer (and perhaps various weekend trips) to help cook! There's a cook truck and lots of mouths to feed 4 times a day or so. They need lots of volunteers to make this activity work. Plus, I'll get to see Brian more that way. Yay for exciting things in the future!!

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  1. I will be sure to give you ample warning before heading over so that I don't get shot.
    I bet that your summer will fly by - it will be so exciting and you'll be looking forward to the next time you see him!


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