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Saturday, April 27, 2013

4 Months

Little Man:

This is one of those times I wish I had been with it enough and had the idea to start writing again as soon as you were born. I wish I could remember all the little milestones at each month thus far!

The 4th month has been by far the most fun and exciting. You are growing by leaps and bounds! And it's not just your weight (you're a chunky monkey at 16 pounds 4 ounces) and height. You can see the wheels turning behind those big blue eyes. You're really aware of the world now, and especially your daddy and me. Here's some highlights:

--You've started making all kinds of new noises. And you're aware that you are making the sounds too! You have figured out that changing the shape of your mouth changes the sound that comes out. There's even been a couple shrieks and you've definitely startled yourself a few times too.

--You love it when your daddy makes you "fly" and is a little rough with you. You especially love it when he shakes your legs around when your diaper is changed. You have the biggest toothless grin I've ever seen and it just makes us smile and laugh too.

--Your teeth have been bothering you big time, but none have made an appearance yet. You have finally started enjoying your teething toys and chewing on things like crazy. You have even given yourself a little bruise/sucker mark on the side of your hand, and left a mark on mom's shoulder! You're still not quite able to hold things to your mouth yourself but you're okay with us helping you out.

You looove chewing/sucking on the side of your hand!
I love Sophie giraffe! I love eating her face!!
I hate her I hate her I hate her!!!
--Your head control is awesome and you are finally big enough to sit in your jumper. You've even made it for a couple 15-20 minute stretches.

You can't reach the ground yet so you have some help from some big books!
That hanging monkey is by far your favorite part so far. 
--You are eating about 6 times per day now, and still once in the middle of the night. But in the last week of this month you've started doing 8 hour stretches pretty regularly. And even one 9-hour! Your bedtime has been pushed back earlier and earlier as we've noticed your crankiness increasing. 7pm might be your new bedtime before we know it. You're also closer to sleeping unswaddled. You still love it and are not quite ready, but as soon as you have better control of your hands and fingers I think you're going to finally start sleeping unswaddled.

I'm going to lose my little burrito soon!
We're definitely looking forward to the coming month. We've got the go-ahead from your doctor to start playing with real foods with you, you should start rolling over and we think you're just going to have so much fun being alive!!

That little face!! I die. 

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