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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Archer + Avocado = Awesome

So I got a big surprise at Archer's 4-month checkup: the pediatrician said we could start giving him food if we felt like he was showing signs of interest! I didn't think babies started food till sometime around 6 months. Who knew. So my first question was what kind of signs are we talking about? We don't usually eat dinner till he's in bed these days so I'm not sure how much eating he's actually seeing. But following our forks with his eyes, smacking his lips, generally showing interest in us eating are all good things. I don't know that we've necessarily seen those yet but I had a ripe avocado that needed to be eaten so we went for it. And...he loved it!!

What the heck is this Mom?!

 First bite! Took him a bit to keep his head up and not try to also eat his hands.


What do I think about this?! It was difficult to tell for awhile. He was slurping the avocado off really well, but fussing when I took the spoon away. We weren't sure if he missed sucking on the spoon or really wanted more avocado. He never turned his head away or closed his mouth or didn't accept a bite so we figured it was the avocado!

More please!!! He got really good at opening his mouth for bites by the end. 

Not too big of a mess. :) 

And a happy happy boy by the end! We're looking forward to trying out some more tomorrow then giving him a couple days to make sure he doesn't have any weird reactions. After that--bananas are up next! Other than waiting a few days after each new thing the pediatrician said there aren't any real rules to starting him on big boy food. She said that the newest research says not to avoid anything (except honey), and waiting to introduce foods could actually encourage allergies to develop. So it's a little nerve-wracking but we'll be doing peanut butter, seafood, eggs, etc sooner rather than later. 

Love that face!!!

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  1. Got the vibe and purchased little spoons and bowls today:). "G" is ready!


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