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Thursday, May 16, 2013

My First Mother's Day

I had a wonderful first Mother's Day with my lovely little family. Archer started off the day by going back to sleep at 4am till 8!! It was amazing. He hasn't been sleeping well lately and I'm not guaranteed any good 6-hour stretches like I used to be. I got him up and brought him back to our bed for some snuggles he was a champion snuggler!! He doesn't snuggle on us or on our shoulders very often so I soaked this up:

Off center and blurry but I'll take it! He's started "hugging" us as we like to call it.

Then Brian and Archer gave me a very sweet card. Turns out while I was getting an extra hour of sleep the day before, the boys were having arts and crafts time! I'm a lucky Mom!

This was a card I had already made. It has one big modification.

A fat little baby! Brian wanted to make sure I knew the baby was fat. 

I'm very impressed with Brian's stamping skills! And his bravery with wanting to put INK on a crazy baby's hand!

 Up first for the day was a trip to the zoo.

Archer was THRILLED. He couldn't wait to see all the animals. 
It doesn't matter if Archer slept through the zoo. (Again.) Brian and I like it a lot. Last time we heard the lions roar. It was pretty amazing. This time we saw the cheetahs run (insane) and Lulu the baby giraffe (adorable). We also walked through the kids zoo area. Can't wait to take Archer there so he can feed the goats!

Then we headed to lunch and Graeter's with Brian's parents. He got a cute new hat!

Saturday we took my mom to Benihana for lunch. Archer thought hibachi was the most interesting thing he had ever seen. He was in awe of both the chef and the food on the grill. Not scared of all the noise at all! 

After lunch we went to Natorps to look at some plants for the yard. We need to figure out what on earth we're doing with it. It really needs some help. It was FREEZING at Natorps and it is confusing and there's a million plants and the plants need to be organized by how much sun they need. Not whether it's an annual or perennial. Needless to say we did not come home with any plants. And we're basically more confused than ever. But it's ok. 

We came home and had a little snuggle and photo time with little man before it was time for bed. Archer was super fancy for my first Mother's Day and I may or may not have coordinated my outfit to his. 

Look at my mini me!!

Fancy pants!!
I am so happy to be this little man's mommy. He really is the most wonderful, funny baby boy. I can't imagine my life without him. 

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  1. Love him and you guys. Love making him smile and giggle....I feel so powerful :)


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