"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will."
George Bernard Shaw

Friday, April 5, 2013

Archer's Room

I am so in love with Archer's room. When it was close to being finished and I was trying to feel more connected to him I would sit in the rocking chair and try to relax. I tried to keep it simple and clean and modern. I didn't want an overtly baby theme because I wanted everything to potentially be reusable for any future children, and to grow with them as well. I basically designed a room that I would enjoy spending a lot of time in because let's face it--babies don't know what's going on. And they certainly don't appreciate design. I keep resisting the urge to add more things that will surely only clutter his room. I'll probably allow myself a few pictures on the walls soon now that he's here and wonderful and so darn cute. But other than that I'm trying to take a more simplistic approach to the house. I have been inspired 100% by the lovely Jodi Mockabee. She's amazing. And she has zero dollars to spend on most redecorating projects (we have that in common!!). Read a couple posts from her blog and you'll be sucked into reading about her family of 7 (yes, that is a seven) forever!

The view when you open the door. The poms over the windows are my favorite!!

To the right. Dresser from Craigslist and painted by my mom and Aunt Kate. 
Glider from the Allens--I rocked both boys in that for years!  Found an awesome new pad for it to match the bedding and Brian spray painted it white.
The alcove where the changing table is, to the left when you walk in the door. Got an antique secretary desk and mom and Aunt Kate painted it yellow.  
Ikea kitchen organizers for diapering supplies.
More Ikea kitchen organizers. All the Ikea stuff was under $20!
I recycled some canvases that were lying in the basement and added a little fabric and wooden letters that were 50% off. Took me about 15 minutes and cost about $15!
Princess Viv saying hello. That lamp has had MANY lives since I bought it in college!
This makes my heart happy. So many books from our wonderful friends and family all organized and ready to go. The bookshelf was free from a friend and mom and Aunt Kate painted it the wall color.  

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