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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Archer's First Zoo Trip

We are officially real parents: we bought a zoo membership! The cards came this week and we couldn't wait to get there the first time. Today (Sunday April 14th) was a beautiful day so we decided (along with the rest of Cincinnati and I swear every pregnant woman in this city) to take Archer for his first zoo trip. Our friends Gretchen and Jeff and their new baby Charlotte came too! Archer loved his first trip so much this is how he spent most of it: 

Passed out in the stroller. 
So while he was snoozing I took pictures of the beautiful tulips. They're my favorite flower and poisonous to cats so we don't have them in the house very often. :( 

Here's the boys on stroller duty. Adorable! 

The zoo is pretty intense when it comes to walking. A ton of hills. It's really a workout. I think half the women there were trying to walk their babies out. And, funny story--we ran into Em and Kenzie and Ann and Steve! It was a nice surprise. Em is going to the hospital tonight to be induced tomorrow. She was two weeks late with Miss Kenzie and this next little lady is being stubborn too. I definitely did not expect to see her before the little baby was here. 

We also heard the lions ROAR. That was pretty incredible. And the polar bears were playing with each other. Playing or fighting. We weren't quite sure. The animals were definitely the most active I've probably ever seen. 

And then once little man woke up for an afternoon snack we got a couple pictures of the little monkey in his safari hat! 

Look at that sweet little face. 

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