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Sunday, December 1, 2013

9 months

Sweet boy,

Your list of firsts on my phone get more monumental each month. You are on the move and your 9-month pics were all over the place. This is about as good as it got.

Showing off those standing skills!

You have two more teeth (your top two!).

I'm pretty sure you've signed "milk" a couple times. You at least know what the sign means when WE do it. And you know what the word means too. You are a smart cookie!!

You like some bigger kid toys and have started to randomly show interest in toys we've had lying around for you but that you didn't quite "get" yet.

There have definitely been some "mamas" lately and I think they're legit directed at me/about me. It's hard to tell because you're "talking" all the time but it's becoming a bit more pronounced.

Me and my bug!

You ate your first big-kid meal: scrambled eggs, whole wheat waffles with butter and some cottage cheese. You loved it!! I think you mostly loved feeding yourself. You were such a big boy. From now on we're definitely going to make you meals where you can feed yourself. There was literally NO whining this entire dinner. Apparently your daddy and I are just too slow when we feed your little impatient self.

One Friday afternoon I took you to IKEA for the first time!! Your daddy and I LOVE IKEA. I wish he could have been there with us, and I was super nervous to take you by myself because it's so huge if you had a meltdown it would have taken an hour to get out. But you were perfect. Hardly made a peep. There's so much to look at and lots of people. You loved it--especially the warehouse part. You did eat a little cardboard from a package I gave you to hold and play with but didn't seem to be too worse for wear.

This place is HUGE!
I'll hang on to this for you Mom.

After lots of trying and fake outs, you also finally pulled yourself up for the first time. In the bathtub. While I was giving you a bath by myself. I cannot think of a more dangerous time or place for a big "first." But we all lived and you were so proud of yourself. That also pretty much ended the bath though--you only wanted to stand up from then on!

It was kind of like this. Except you were IN the tub, and wet and slippery.
But look how proud of yourself you were afterwards!
And finally, you went to your first band contest in Kettering. I was hoping your first would be a local contest in case things went terribly, but you showed me once again that you are laid back like your daddy and just go with the flow. I have so much anxiety about taking you new places or your schedule being messed up. Or what I'll do if you act like a baby and have a big meltdown. But you're always showing us what a big kid you are and how flexible you can be. It makes us so proud of you! You loved the band, spending so much of the day with your daddy, and eating Chipotle for lunch for the first time. Thank goodness you loved Chipotle--you get to stay in the family now! :)

Getting ready for your first band performance!
First Chipotle! It has become a favorite. :)
You also wanted to sample Daddy's hair at Chipotle. It was not to your liking. Definitely hilarious !
Just a baby and his most favorite guy on a beautiful day. 
And finally, you got a SWEET hat from your grandpa at the competition! 

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