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Sunday, December 1, 2013

11 Months

Mr. Arch, 

It doesn't appear you did that much this month. And I don't think I forgot to write it all down, but there's really not much to discuss. I guess there's fewer items but they're all pretty big deals. This month we got a ton of good pics of you (before, during and after your bear photo shoot). 


"Stay right here Arch!"

Not pleased to be staying right there.
I'd much rather stand thanks mama! 
Cute as a button.

You are pretty much waving on command now (when you feel like it of course). Sometimes you wave for "bye bye" and say "buh buh" and have the right inflection. But lately when I say "hi" to you you immediately start waving. It's a fun new trick for sure! 

You are saying "mama" and "dada" quite a bit, but we're still working on making sure they're associated with us. You're definitely intentionally saying our names and not just babbling anymore though so that's exciting. 

You have discovered your tongue which is pretty funny. You stick your tongue out all the time and try to grab it. And think it's funny when we stick our tongues out. You want to grab our tongues too. Unfortunately you are also spitting SO MUCH now. 

Spitting and drooling...the new normal!
Your first Halloween was pretty underwhelming. You go to sleep right after Trick or Treating starts so we decided not to participate at all. And then left the lights on...whoops! Only one person knocked on the door before we ran around and turned out all the lights. You were a chick. I was going to put a magnet on you so you were a chick magnet. But you honestly only had your costume on for maybe 5 minutes. You didn't feel well and we were trying to get to the zoo so I was happy we only spent about $5 on it. 

No thanks mama.
How is he not thrilled to be wearing those tights?

Finally, a smile!!!
You went to your first Grand Nationals at the beginning of November. It was crazy to think that a year ago you were inside me and I ignored my body and ended up in pre-term labor with you right before Thanksgiving. I just couldn't believe that you were really there with us, and almost a year old. You had a good time and did so great being carried around and wearing your ear protection underneath Lucas Oil. 

Some day you'll have more discreet ear protection like mommy and daddy.
First family pic under Lucas Oil. 
Fun with Daddy after the performance before heading home with Mommy.
You now HATE getting your diaper changed or clothes taken on or off. It's a serious fight for every single diaper. To be honest it's really frustrating and annoying, so hopefully you grow out of this phase soon!!

Dressing you is such a pain!!
And, finally, perhaps the biggest news of all: you slept through the night for the first time on 11/19. When I say slept through the night I mean that neither of us had to go in. You did wake up a fuss a couple times but then laid down and put yourself back to sleep. As I'm writing this I think it's been over a week and I haven't fed you in the middle of the night once. Daddy has had to go in maybe twice to rock you. And the past two nights you haven't even woken up and fussed!! Your Daddy and I are not sleeping through the night yet which is the irony of it all. But it's been almost 15 months since I slept through the night and I honestly have to relearn how to do it. We're so close though! It's very exciting. :) So proud of you little man!!

And then there was one...how is that possible?!?!

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