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George Bernard Shaw

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello April?

What was up with the weather on New Year's Eve? I know I went to sleep and it was December 30th, but somehow I woke up in April. We opened up the dining room windows and I think the babies were a little overstimulated. 

Here's the conversation Viv and I had: 

Viv: "Mom. It's December 31st and you just opened the dining room windows."
Me: "Viv it's 60 degrees out. Stop looking at me like that. Enjoy the birds."

She spent the next hour or so freaking out about all the noises outside and generally being weird. 

Sometimes when I get startled I flatten my ears so I look like a crazy bat.

Oh look! A bird!
I tried to take a photo of Finny but he was so freaked out I couldn't get him to sit still in the window long enough to get one. That nice warm break in the middle of crazy winter did wonders for my psyche! I'm quite optimistic for spring now. :) 

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  1. I believe that day to be an evil tease because now it feels OH SO COLD outside and I want it to be 60 degrees every day!!!! :P


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