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George Bernard Shaw

Saturday, January 22, 2011

50s Style Clothing

I find it kind of ironic that as much as I frown upon the 50s for the way women were viewed/treated/pigeon-holed into being housewives, I gravitate towards the fashion of the era like crazy. It's super feminine, classy and just plain "pretty." And in today's world of less is more, I think it really stands out as beautiful and sexy in a sea of unfortunate fashion choices. I've seen a lot of the style around the web lately and it's making me want to go shopping! And I'm especially gravitating towards all the swimsuits. :)

I love love love this Etsy shop!

I shared this shop with you yesterday, but couldn't resist another print! :)

I'm a sucker for polka dots. Swimsuit from Anthropologie.

I love the cut of this dress. Wasn't too crazy about the colors but they've kind of grown on me! 
So that's just a couple examples of the thousands out there. Search online for 50s dresses and prepare to be amazed! Where do you find vintage clothing in Cincy? I've been to Gayle's Vintage Clothing on Main Street in Old Milford, but that's about it! :)

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