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George Bernard Shaw

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not Far From Friday

HAH! You didn't think I could do it did you? Post on the same week day two weeks in a row? It should be noted I also posted on Sunday. :) I'm getting the hang of this!

Today, I would like to talk about Paisley. This kind:
Pretty pink/brown/green paisley
Not this kind: 
Brad Paisley. I do love him too. I just don't want to decorate a room around him.
I think Paisley is one of the most beautiful patterns ever created. And it turns out it's been around for a long time: 

"There are many theories about the boteh or pine motif; Paisley Museum's explanation seems perhaps the most logical. The pattern can be traced back to ancient Babylon, where a tear-drop shape was used as a symbol to represent the growing shoot of a date palm. The palm provided food, drink, clothing (woven fibers) and shelter, and so became regarded as the ‘Tree of Life', with its growing shoot being gradually recognized as a fertility symbol." (For a more full history of how it started and evolved first in fashion--centuries ago!--visit this very informative site)

My favorite paisley has lots of pink and corals, bright green and blacks or browns like the one above. I know it can become a bit juvenile, especially when you get into the brighter pinks, but it just makes me so happy to see.

A bedroom with paisley bedding as the focal point is my new obsession. Some day I will design a room around paisley bedding. But the challenge will be which COLOR paisley to choose. I've always been on that pink/brown/green kick. And then I discovered these: 
Obsessed!! I'm seeing a light grey accent wall and lots of burnt orange and light blue accents in the room. It's a tight paisley pattern but doesn't feel over-the-top with muted white and grey sheets and other bedding accessories. (Find it here at Pottery Barn)

How could you not wake up with a smile when you're sleeping on this? I love how you have to be totally committed to this color. The pattern is almost (but not totally!!) lost in this color. Such a beautiful shade of yellow too--not crayon, not butter, just right. (Find it at Pottery Barn here, but unfortunately only in twin size now)

And finally, the most shocking paisley I've ever seen (and even more shocking that I love it...)

Where are all the bright fun colors!? They grew up. And made bedding that could create such a modern bedroom, even though we've already discussed this pattern has been around for centuries. I actually like the monochromatic feel, and think you could have a very clean, simple bedroom--even with a highly patterned comforter. Find it at Restoration Hardware here.
I know I have some paisley-obsessed readers out there (it's not just me!). So what kind of paisley do you like? What do you love to see it on? 

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